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Rotaract Clubs response to COVID19

Rotaract Club response to COVID19


Total number of direct beneficiaries

Rs 2,61,790

Total financial amount utilized


The total number of materials distributed

The evolving situation of COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and wonders about health and the economy. With varied impacts around the world as it stands, today, the situation due to the Corona Virus Outbreak and possibilities in the future is dire.

While we believe and advocate on “Safety of Everyone is Priority” what the Rotaract Clubs of 3292 have done is praiseworthy, the immediate help response from taking care of club members’ strength to their society around them,  taking care of mental health of people to serving the relief materials—and utilizing this lockdown into connecting the dots by extending the friendship not only with  Rotaract Districts and Clubs around the world but also the many other organizations with the same motive to contribute the best response on this pandemic crisis. 

Activities Clubs are doing in response to COVID19

Rotaract Club of Bharatpur Height published short video clips of the renowned personalities  around their locality to raise  awareness on Covid-19 through their facebook and Instagram.

Rotaract Club of People’s Campus prepared a video presentation on hand washing steps and ideas about making lock-down effective through the pictures. 

Rotaract Club of Chandragiri conducted an online Model Cabinet Meeting where the Rotaractors were assigned a ministry and representing the respective ministry on 25th March & 2nd April 2020. They discussed the ways and strategies to fight against coronavirus from every aspect of Nepal.

Rotaract Club of Manipal College of Medical Sciences conducted a relief program which benefited 100 families in different areas of Pokhara. The program benefitted daily wage workers and poor families in areas that include: Bindabasini, Nadipur, Chauthe, Parsyang and Baglung bus park. Each Package consisted of Rice 9 kgs, Dal 1 kg, Oil 1 litre, Soybeans 400gms, Beans(Kerau) 1 kg, Salt 1kg, Masala 1 packet, 2 cakes of soap.

Rotaract Club of Butwal South has distributed 1 Packs of basic survival foods & other materials to 24 Houses  at – Barghat that includes disabled people  and labor as well. 

Rotaract club of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College has conducted awareness program to school-going children and an INGO that runs orphanage FAB school regarding COVID-19 And how to prevent it and proper utilisation of Lockdown time. 

Rotaract club of KUMS conducted an online awareness program through the “Health on Web” project, which is concerned with sharing awareness on social media platforms discussing health and social issues weekly. They have started a #stayhome and shine.

Rotaract club of Kasthamandap organised an international service project Udeshya. Udeshya focuses on building relationships and connecting with international clubs around the world. The theme for Udeshya 2020 is “Impact of COVID-19-corona through your eye”. Many clubs shared their views in the form of articles. They have received materials from Nepal, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Philippines, Turkey, USA, Srilanka, Venezuela and Bangladesh. 

Rotaract Club of Yala have donated ration to orphanage  ‘The Orphans Home’, and other and needy families. They are also feeding street  animals in Kathmandu and Lalitpur area.

Rotaract Club of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College- has organised five days online Medical Model United Nations (e-Med MUN). The participants were both Rotaractors/Non-Rotaractors and national and foreigners. Participants had discussed and debated regarding the impact of a pandemic, i.e. COVID-19 and its management. And the outcome was a resolution (formally written solution paper). 

Rotaract Club Of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College’s members had participated in Rota News “A Multi club joint initiative” organised Rota Hour, which is an informative session for Presidents and President-elect. The course was on – All features of My Rotary by Rtn/Rtr Nikunj Bajoria – Fundraising and Project Ideas- by DRR Kaushal Sahu – Upcoming Updates in Rotaract- PDRR Rtn/Rtr Srijita Neogy -Utilising Rotaract Funds- by Rtr. Sayantonee Maitra. 

 Rotaract Club of Mahabouddha’s members are working on designing and collecting articles for their  yearly magazine Melody.

Rotaract Club of Birgunj has distributed Hand gloves and Hand wash in different quantities for the safety of District Traffic Office, Shreepur Wada Karyalaye, District Police Office. On 11th April 2020.

Rotaract Club of Kopundol has created a Facebook page called”Quarantine Superhero” and conducted the competition  to post the videos/ photos describing how days are being spent. 

Rotaract Club of Kopudol has started a online event name Quaran-time superhero where anyone can show any kind of activities they are doing at home during lockdown. 

Rotaract club of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College has organized Rotaract e-MUN. It was a joint flagship project between Rotaract club of Pokhara GMC RID 3292 Nepal & Bhutan and Rotaract club of Nashik Nine Hills RID 3030 India. 

Rotaract Club of Lalitpur has  started an online awareness program, on 7th May, 2020 the club started feeding street dogs in the nearby localities.  

The clubs have also shared their plans/suggestions that can add  value on this critical time: 

  • Awareness and distribution of  food materials to labour class people,
  • To invest rotary funds in providing free food to those people who can’t afford food in this pandemic,
  • Due to the lockdown, we have seen the shortage of blood in the blood banks. Therefore, Rotaractors can manage the people nearby who can donate and contact the blood bank members and donate the blood with safety,
  • In this critical situation, street animals also have been severely affected. Thus, we can manage food for these animals.
  • We should enhance our capacity to put forward various ideas and approaches to sought out current social issues by working with local level bodies continuously in all possible means.

Release Notes version: 1.0.0

We have upgraded the Rotaract 3292 Online system with new upgrades.

  • Main website (previously
  • Reporting software (previously
    • Link:
      • Update your club information
      • Add project reports
      • Add club members
      • Add club events
      • Goal Center
        • Update Vision, Goals
      • Upload club documents (minute, budget, club bylaws, constitution)
      • View members from other clubs, reports, etc.
  • Learning Center
    • Link:
      • This module has been set-up, but we have to add courses and will be available in the first quarter next Rota-year.
  • Office365 Accounts
    • Link:
      • All the clubs will be provided with the Microsoft O365 account with which you can access emails and use online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote with your account. We will start the services by this month.

What do you need to do?

To access the new Rotaract3292 software.

  • Go to
  • Click forget Password
  • Enter the email you were previously using & click request
  • You will receive an email shortly from Rotaract Support
  • Open the email and click Reset password
  • Enter your new Password, confirm Password and click Reset password
  • Log in with the Password just entered.

Note: All the presidents have Club Admin role assigned. If anyone else except Club Presidents & Secretaries requires Club Admin role follow the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Click My Club
  • Click Members
  • Click Gear Icon from the right side of the list of members.
  • Click Assign Role
  • Select Club Role
    • If you want to have access to all the data of your club, you can give Club Admin Role
    • If you want to give access to only Project Reports, Documents & Events, you can provide Club Director Role
    • If you want to view all the data, the General Member Role.

We had an overview session of the new system. The video has been uploaded on our Youtube channel. Please check it out if you have missed it. 

Youtube Link The updates of Rotaract 3292 System starts from 2:21:50 in the video.

Message from Rotary International President 2019-20 Mark Daniel Maloney

Dear Rotaractors
It is my pleasure to send greetings to you as you prepare for your 2019-20 year of service. May this website connects you with your fellow Rotaractors and Rotarians within district 3292.

Rotaractors are not just future leaders, they demonstrate vital leadership skills currently every day! You
are young leaders who solve problems hands-on, doing so with great energy and passion. In Rotary and
Rotaract, we not only expand our horizons across the globe, but we also help strengthen the connections that change it for better. Rotaract helps bring generations together in our communities and makes this world in which we live a better place while having a little fun too.

Thank you for part of the Rotary family. I look forward to you joining me as Rotary connects the world.

Kindest Regards

Mark Daniel Maloney
Rotary International President,2019-20

Message from District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Sneha Shakya

Dear Fellow Rotaractors!


Firstly, I would like to congratulate and extend my best wishes to all Club Leaders of Rota Year 2019-20 for taking up the esteemed leadership roles in your clubs! Similarly, congratulations and kudos to the leaders of Rota Year 2018-19 for successfully carrying forward the legacy of Rotaract!

I find Rotaract fascinating especially because it is this amazing pool of self-motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated youths. We strive to the best of our abilities to bring positive changes in the society while also fostering our personal and professional growth. It is a perfect blend of service, fellowship and personal growth and it is great to see our clubs excelling in all these. Thank you for your continuous efforts in providing needful service while also being committed to youth development. Rotaract is proud to have dedicated and enthusiastic individuals like you all.

RI President Rtn. Mark Maloney has announced the theme for Rota Year 2019-20 as “Rotary Connects the World”. Indeed, Rotary connects us with like-minded individuals who want to take action for a better world.  As President Mark rightly points out, we need to reflect upon and find out ways as to how we can connect to and engage more individuals, making Rotary and Rotaract more engaging as well as manageable for everyone.

Complementing the District Theme “सक्षमता र साझेदारी – Competence and Collaboration”, I urge all Rotaractors to dedicate this year to bettering ourselves so we can contribute better with our improved capabilities. Let us work towards fostering our skills and talents, towards growth and development, and towards building our own capacities. Rotaract is a platform – let us utilize this platform as a place to identify our strengths, work on our skills, hone our talents and become better everyday. Find something you can learn, something that will make you better, in every action you take.

Let us also complement competence with collaboration. Let us work together in the process of bettering ourselves. Let us seek to collaborate with our fellow clubs, with Rotary Clubs, with different Districts, local clubs, organizations and different stakeholders alike – firstly to develop our competency and with that, help others in the process of becoming more competent! Let us collaborate also in service, to bring out synergic effects that make our actions more meaningful and impactful.

Once again, thank you for your continuous efforts and contribution in making Rotaract movement very vibrant and successful in our District. Let us continue working together to achieve our goals and to bring about positive changes around us!

My best wishes are always with you all.

Rtr. Sneha Shakya
District Rotaract Representative 2019-20

Message from District Governor 2019-20 Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha

Rtr. Sneha Shakya
District Rotaract Representative
Rotaract District Council
Dear Sneha

Gita and I congratulate you and all the participants of the Rotaract Global Model United Nations Conference and also would like to welcome you all to Pokhara, Nepal.

I am very confident that this conference will bring the participants closer to each other and will provide a good opportunity to get to know and exchange ideas between young people from different cultural, economic and academic backgrounds.

A new decade begins as we shape Rotary’s future. We have made plans and will work together to reach our needy community and family through you all together.

This year RI President Mark Maloney has been encouraging us to build more community-based Rotaract and Interact Clubs. We Rotarians know you are our future and can be a key factor in the future growth of the Rotary movement and I urge you all to “each one bring one” because we believe more members mean more fellowship and more service for the needy.

I urge you to focus on literacy projects and each club should adopt at least one school, “a happy school” because without literacy we cannot imagine a happy and healthy life or a prosperous Nepal if we cannot eradicate poverty.

Remember Good things will only be achieved only through hard work, faith, and determination. Believe in Guru Anand’s quote “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you have come from, you can always change and become a better version of yourself”.
We, were together yesterday, we are together today, we will be more closer tomorrow, so let’s be connected with each other as per our theme “Rotary Connects The World” then only can we ACT and REFLECT.

Regards and Jay Rotary.

Kiran Lal Shrestha
District Governor

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