Rotaractors’ Meet-up

Rotaractors’ Meet-up

The District Rotaractor’s Meet-Up is a fellowship and networking event that brings together Rotaractors who share a particular interest and provides them a platform to connect with each other. This year we had our meetup on Sep 24 & Sep 25, 2021.

The event consists of the following activities.

  • Presidents & Secretaries Meet
  • Rotaractor Meet-up

Presidents – Secretaries Meet (also known as PS Meet) is organized by the Rotaract District Committee, RID 3292 twice every year. The Presidents and Secretaries Meet is an opportunity for Club Leaders to share and extend

their knowledge and ideas about Rotaractivity while discussing important agendas, and also serves as a platform for fellowship and networking with each other.

Rotaractors’ Meet-up is networking for Rotaract to socialize with each other consisting of different activities to connect the participants personally and professionally. The event had

parallel breakout sessions and plenary sessions that focused on different topics. It will also have a fellowship and Interaction based Series of Activities for the Club Leaders to identify what they can offer and what they need.