Message from District Rotaract Representative 2021-22

Message from District Rotaract Representative 2021-22

Dear Rotaractors,

Let me start by congratulating each and every one of you for your continued dedication and varied engagements in the Rotaract community. This journey of leadership and self-growth has undoubtedly been a challenging, yet rewarding one, and I believe that there is even more in store for us. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic surging around us and affecting our daily lives, we find ourselves in the unknown terrain. However, despite the challenges, we are aware of the efforts of the Rotaract community to not only adapt to the changing scenarios but also offer support to one another, our communities, and those in need. We saw clubs switch to virtual activities and at the same time also lead ground-level COVID response initiatives, which is truly reflective of the dynamic, youth-driven Rotaract movement. I commend you for your resilience and your unwavering support that has made us only stronger.

As we step into a new Rota Year with bigger aspirations, I want us to keep in mind our mission which is- “to create opportunities and provide support for our members, enabling them to become community and professional leaders”. 

With the above mission as our Rotaracting mantra this year, we want you to integrate five core values in everything we do. They are: Leadership, Integrity, Diversity, Adaptability, and Learning (L I D A L). We aspire for leadership that encompasses empathy, humility, and respect for others, in addition to courage, wisdom, and a sense of judgment. We value integrity, wherein clubs and members in setting our personal and professional goals, adhere to high moral and ethical standards. We believe in the need for diversity, such that the Rotaract platform not only welcomes a diverse group of people but also varied sets of ideas and experiences. With adaptability, we envision an organization and its members who are critical in their thinking, flexible in their actions, and accommodating in their contributions. Finally, we want Rotaract Clubs and its members to be open to new ideas, develop listening skills, be reflective of their actions, be open to criticism, and always strive towards learning.

Integrating these core values into our engagements and internalizing them is what brings us to “Doing things awesomely”! The theme this year is all about bringing out the best of you in everything you do. And I am super excited to witness this awesome spectacle as your DRR this year.

Finally, I offer my heartiest congratulations to the team of RY 2021-2022 for the successful year. Thank you for leaving behind legacies and lessons for the upcoming leaders. Your contributions towards building the Rotaract movement will always be treasured. 

To doing things awesomely!

Yours in Rotaract,

Rtr. Summit Bajracharya

District Rotaract Representative RY 2021-22

Rotary International District 3292