Mission, Vision & Strategic Priorities of Rotaract District 3292

Mission, Vision & Strategic Priorities of Rotaract District 3292


Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of the global Rotaract community, we wholeheartedly embrace new values that serve as the driving force behind our actions and aspirations. These values not only shape our identity but also define our approach to serving communities worldwide. We are deeply committed to integrating these values into every aspect of our engagement, both within Rotaract International and District 3292. They serve as the guiding principles that answer the fundamental question of how we, as Rotaractors, achieve our mission. Within our district, District 3292, we have identified seven formidable core values that must be wholeheartedly endorsed by our members and clubs: Leadership, Diversity, Adaptability, Learning, Integrity, Fellowship, and Service. These values form the solid foundation of our collective efforts to make a lasting impact and foster positive change.

  1. DIVERSITY: Embracing diversity is not just about welcoming individuals from different backgrounds; it encompasses creating an inclusive platform that values and encourages diverse ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Rotaract International and District 3292 strive to embrace a multitude of opinions and cultural richness to effectively address challenges. Diversity fuels tolerance, equality, and a broader mindset, fostering a more cohesive and harmonious functioning of our organization.
  • LEARNING: Learning is paramount for personal growth, and it occupies a central role in everything Rotaract International and District 3292 clubs and their members undertake. This includes being receptive to new ideas, actively listening, reflecting on actions, and embracing constructive criticism. We provide a fertile ground for young people to thrive through continuous learning, enabling them to become well-rounded global citizens. We emphasize the development of a vibrant learning culture at all stages of personal and organizational growth.
  • INTEGRITY: Rotaract International and District 3292 clubs and their members embody unwavering moral and ethical standards in all personal and professional endeavors. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest levels of honesty, transparency, and integrity, both within and beyond the organization. Integrity serves as the compass guiding our actions and relationships, building trust and credibility in everything we do.
  • LEADERSHIP: Leadership in Rotaract International and District 3292 transcends mere decision-making and problem-solving abilities. It encompasses empathy, humility, and profound respect for others. We view leadership not as a position but as a character that defines our identities and positions within the organization. Each member is cherished as an integral part of our collective, and their unique contributions are deeply valued. By fostering inclusive and servant leadership, we inspire others to take action and make a difference.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Adaptability is a core value that allows us to navigate and thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing world. Rotaract International and District 3292 embrace flexibility, resilience, and innovation, enabling us to respond effectively to new challenges and seize opportunities. We are committed to continuously evolving our approaches and strategies, embracing change as a catalyst for growth and progress. Our ability to adapt ensures that we stay relevant and impactful in an ever-changing environment.
  • FELLOWSHIP: Fellowship serves as the cornerstone of our community in Rotaract International and District 3292. We foster an environment that promotes strong bonds, unity, and collaboration among members. By fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness, we cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community that transcends barriers of race, gender, and nationality. Fellowship generates greater tolerance, understanding, and appreciation for oneanother, creating a supportive network that empowers us to create positive change.
  • SERVICE: Our belief in the transformative power of service drives us to undertake impactful activities and programs that foster understanding, peace, and social development worldwide. Service is not merely an element of our mission; it is the very essence of our existence. Whether through group projects or individual efforts, we cultivate a culture of service that brings members an unparalleled sense of fulfillment, gratification, and purpose. Through service, we strive to create sustainable and meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

These core values are the driving force behind our collective pursuit of positive change, unwavering in our commitment to making a lasting impact on individuals and communities worldwide. As Rotaractors, we embody these values and strive to exemplify them in all that we do, as we continue to grow, learn, and serve. Together, we create a better world through the power of Rotaract.

1.2. Mission Vision

Mission: Unifying Rotaract clubs in Rotaract District 3292 through values-driven service and inclusivity.

Vision: Empowering young leaders to create positive change through fellowship, inclusivity, and collective action in Rotaract District 3292 Nepal and Bhutan.

Strategic Plan for Rotaract District 3292 (2023-2026):

Our mission is to unify Rotaract clubs in Rotaract District 3292 through values-driven service and inclusivity. We believe that by aligning our actions and aspirations with these principles, we can create a significant and lasting impact in our community. With our vision of empowering young leaders to create positive change through fellowship, inclusivity, and collective action, we have developed a strategic plan to guide our endeavors and initiatives for the Rotary years 2023-2026

In line with our mission, one of our primary focuses will be on strengthening club collaboration and networking. We recognize the importance of fostering regular communication and collaboration among Rotaract clubs within our district. By organizing district-wide meetings, utilizing online platforms, and facilitating joint projects, we will create opportunities for clubs to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on meaningful initiatives. Furthermore, we will actively establish partnerships and promote resource exchange with Rotary clubs, community organizations, and other youth-led initiatives. These collaborations will not only expand our impact but also create synergistic relationships, enabling us to address community needs more effectively.

To fulfill our vision of empowering young leaders, we understand the significance of member development and leadership. We are committed to providing comprehensive leadership development training programs, workshops, and seminars to equip our members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to make a difference. Additionally, we will create mentorship and coaching opportunities that support their personal and professional growth. By actively engaging our members in club activities, project planning, and decision-making processes, we aim to foster their sense of ownership and commitment to our mission.

Implementing values-driven service projects lies at the core of our strategic plan. We will align our service initiatives with Rotary International’s areas of focus and address local community needs. Our projects will emphasize sustainability and long-term impact, aiming to tackle critical social, educational, environmental, and health challenges in Nepal and Bhutan. To maximize the effectiveness and sustainability of our projects, we will actively collaborate with local stakeholders, government bodies, and community leaders. Additionally, we will encourage our clubs to engage in advocacy efforts, addressing systemic issues and promoting positive change within our society.

Inclusivity and diversity are vital elements of our vision. We recognize the need to develop strategies that attract and retain a diverse membership base. By creating inclusive environments that value and respect the diversity of our members, we will ensure equal opportunities for participation and leadership. Educational initiatives and cultural exchange programs will be implemented to promote awareness and understanding of diversity issues. Furthermore, we will actively seek collaborations with local organizations and initiatives that work towards inclusion and social equity. These partnerships will further strengthen our efforts and enable us to make a more significant impact in our community.

Strengthening public relations and outreach efforts will be instrumental in amplifying our impact. We will enhance public awareness and understanding of Rotaract District 3292’s mission and accomplishments through strategic communication and outreach initiatives. Utilizing various media platforms, including social media, websites, and traditional media channels, we will share success stories and engage the public in our cause. Moreover, we will seek partnerships with influential individuals, organizations, and media outlets to advocate for positive change and inspire collective action. Community events, public seminars, and campaigns will be organized to raise awareness of critical social issues and mobilize support.

Financial sustainability and resource mobilization are crucial for the realization of our strategic plan. We will develop a sustainable financial model by diversifying our funding sources and maximizing our fundraising efforts. Exploring partnerships with corporate sponsors, local businesses, and philanthropic organizations will enable us to secure the necessary financial support. Furthermore, we will provide guidance and support to our clubs in developing effective fundraising strategies and organizing successful events. Transparency, accountability, and regular audits will be implemented to ensure responsible financial management.

Continuous evaluation and improvement will be embedded in our strategic plan. We will establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to assess the effectiveness and impact of our activities, projects, and initiatives. Feedback from our members, clubs, and stakeholders will guide us in identifying areas for improvement and addressing emerging challenges. Regular reviews of the implementation progress will enable us to make necessary adjustments to our strategies and tactics. We will foster a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability within Rotaract District 3292, ensuring that we are always evolving and improving to better serve our community.

With this strategic plan, we are committed to unifying Rotaract clubs through values-driven service, inclusivity, and collective action. We firmly believe that by empowering young leaders, fostering collaboration, addressing community needs, advocating for positive change, and ensuring financial sustainability, we will create a lasting impact in Rotaract District 3292 Nepal and Bhutan. Together, we will work towards a future where fellowship, inclusivity, and collective action transform lives and communities for the better.


DRR theme

Integrating Rotaract Upholding Fellowship Rotaract is a global organization that emphasizes the importance of service, fellowship, and unity. The main motto of Rotaract, “Fellowship Through Service,” reflects the spirit of the organization, which aims to bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together to work towards a common goal. The success of Rotaract lies in its ability to unite diverse individuals and create a sense of belonging and ownership among members. In RID 3292, there are 184 clubs with over 6000 Rotaractors from various backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups, and mindsets. The diversity of Rotaract members provides a unique opportunity to explore and showcase their unique features to the world and create a significant impact in their communities and the world. The DRR’s theme for RY 2023-24, “Integrating Rotaract Upholding Fellowship,” aims to bring all Rotaract members together, strengthen the bond of fellowship, and create a more connected and impactful Rotaract community.  The theme emphasizes the integration of Rotaract, Rotary, and Interact to create better service projects and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for members. By upholding fellowship, Rotaract can create a sense of belonging and a more significant impact on the community. The theme for RY2023-24 is a call to action for all Rotaract members to strengthen fellowship, promote professionalism, enhance communication, and foster a sense of

ownership. In conclusion, the theme for RY 2023-24 highlights the importance of fellowship, unity, and service in Rotaract. By bringing all Rotaract members together and recognizing their unique features, we can create a more connected and impactful Rotaract community. Let us work together to make this vision a reality and create a better world for all. Together, we can make a positive impact and make the world a better place.

Rtr. Roshan Karki

District Rotaract Representative 2023-24

Rotaract District 3292

District Theme: Integrating Rotaract Upholding Fellowship