Message from District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Roshan Karki

Message from District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Roshan Karki

Dear Rotaractors and Rotary Community,


It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you as the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) for the Rotary Year 2023-24. I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve in this role for Rotaract District 3292.

With your unwavering support, I stand here today, humbled by the opportunity to represent and serve RID 3292 Nepal – Bhutan. Under the theme of “Integrating Rotaract, Upholding Fellowship,” my primary focus for this year is to foster integrity, strong fellowship, and impactful community service within our district. By nurturing these values and promoting open communication, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every member can thrive.

The strength of our district lies in the collective efforts of each club and its dedicated members. As the DRR, I am committed to providing guidance, support, and resources to help you excel in your endeavors. I encourage you to embrace collaboration and leverage our district’s diverse talents and perspectives. Through united efforts, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create a strong legacy of service. Drawing inspiration from the theme set forth by the Rotary International President, “Create a Hope for the World,” we will channel our energy and resources towards meaningful community service projects. Together, we can address pressing social issues and uplift those in need, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.

I invite each club to integrate the principles of integrity, strong fellowship, community service, and integration into your activities throughout this year. Let us organize impactful projects, engage in meaningful fellowship activities, and uphold the core values that make Rotaract a remarkable organization. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the previous DRRs, the district leadership team, and all Rotaractors who have worked tirelessly to lay a strong foundation for our district. Your unwavering dedication and commitment inspire us all, and I am honored to carry forward the work we have started.

As the District Rotaract Representative, this role represents a significant milestone in my personal growth and leadership journey. I have invested time in reflection, unlearning old habits, acquiring new skills, and strategic planning to ensure that I can effectively serve you. I will always be available to support Rotaractors and Rotaract clubs as we work hand in hand to create a lasting legacy in Rotaract. Let us seize the incredible opportunities that lie ahead and make a positive impact on our communities and the world.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to service. Together, we will integrate Rotaract, uphold fellowship, and forge a bright and hopeful future for all.

Warm Regards

Rtn/Rtr. Roshan Karki

District Rotaract Representative

RI District 3292 Nepal & Bhutan

RIY 2023-24