Message from District Governor 2019-20 Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha

Message from District Governor 2019-20 Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha

Rtr. Sneha Shakya
District Rotaract Representative
Rotaract District Council
Dear Sneha

Gita and I congratulate you and all the participants of the Rotaract Global Model United Nations Conference and also would like to welcome you all to Pokhara, Nepal.

I am very confident that this conference will bring the participants closer to each other and will provide a good opportunity to get to know and exchange ideas between young people from different cultural, economic and academic backgrounds.

A new decade begins as we shape Rotary’s future. We have made plans and will work together to reach our needy community and family through you all together.

This year RI President Mark Maloney has been encouraging us to build more community-based Rotaract and Interact Clubs. We Rotarians know you are our future and can be a key factor in the future growth of the Rotary movement and I urge you all to “each one bring one” because we believe more members mean more fellowship and more service for the needy.

I urge you to focus on literacy projects and each club should adopt at least one school, “a happy school” because without literacy we cannot imagine a happy and healthy life or a prosperous Nepal if we cannot eradicate poverty.

Remember Good things will only be achieved only through hard work, faith, and determination. Believe in Guru Anand’s quote “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you have come from, you can always change and become a better version of yourself”.
We, were together yesterday, we are together today, we will be more closer tomorrow, so let’s be connected with each other as per our theme “Rotary Connects The World” then only can we ACT and REFLECT.

Regards and Jay Rotary.

Kiran Lal Shrestha
District Governor