Mission, Vision & Goals


Rotaract District 3292 envisions itself as an international youth organization promoting ‘youth as partners’ and leading the agendas of youth development in the region.


Our mission is to create opportunities and provide support for our members, enabling them to become community and professional leaders. 

Goals for Rota Year 2019-20

Goal Area 1: Membership

  • Net Membership growth by 5%

Action Points

  • Retain existing members and increase membership by at least 5%

Key Results

  • Growth in recorded members in Rotaract Nepal website compared to the membership number at the end of Rota Year 2018-19

Goal Area 2: Capacity building of members

  • Support clubs and members to enhance personal competencies by providing opportunities for professional growth and international exposure

Action Points

  • Encourage Rotaract clubs and Rotaractors to engage more in activities that help in personal and professional development through dialogue, discussion, and mentorship
  • Conduct training and events of different capacities at District, Regional and Zonal Levels that support the professional growth of members, in collaboration with Rotary District
  • Promote international exchange and Inter-District Youth Exchange Program (IDYEP) to enhance international experience and exposure of members; encourage members to participate in more international events and activities
  • Circulation of details about all possible international events and presence of RID 3292 in all

Key Results

  • Increase in impactful activities and projects that foster personal and professional growth of members, compared to similar projects in Rota Year 2018-19, based on reporting in software
  • Zonal COTS conducted in all 13 zones and at least one Regional level training; Collaboration with Rotary District for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and other regional level training
  • At least one Inter-District Youth Exchange Program (IDYEP) in each zone
  • Increased participation of Rotaractors from RID 3292 in international events and programs

Goal Area 3: Rotary Rotaract Relationship

  • Enhance Rotary – Rotaract relations and establish the true essence of Partner in Service

Action Points

  • Make Rotary and Rotaract members more aware of what Rotaract is and how Rotary-Rotaract clubs should work together, based on documents prescribed by Rotary International, through discourse in meetings, events, and programs

Key Results

  • Presence of Rotaractors in Rotary District Programs to talk about Rotaract and putting forward Rotaractors’ viewpoint
  • Improvement in survey results regarding Rotary – Rotaract relationship conducted at the beginning and end of the tenure

Goal Area 4: Public Image

  • Establish a public image of Rotaract as an entity that promotes youth empowerment by engaging in different activities that foster the youth’s personal and professional development
  • Enhance the presence and visibility of Rotaract 3292 in the international Rotary – Rotaract Community

Action Points

  • Make all stakeholders aware of the true essence of Rotaract in respect to the official documents prescribed by RI, through various mediums of communication
  • Collaborate with different organizations and entities on District Level to enhance public relations and ultimately enhance the public image
  • Build upon international relations and participation of Rotaract District 3292 in the international Rotaract community and Rotary International

Key Results

  • Increase in activities that focus on the youth’s personal and professional development; collaboration with different organizations for similar activities
  • Partnership with at least 10 organizations that are youth-centric and will benefit Rotaract clubs and Rotaractors in different areas
  • Increase in participation and presence of RID 3292 in international events, organize an international level event with the participation of different districts
  • Increase of presence and connection with other Districts

Goal Area 5: Collaboration in Service

  • Collaborative efforts to bring impactful results in two focused service areas

Action Points

  • Support Rotary Nepal Literacy Mission and implement T-E-A-C-H program in different schools in collaboration with sponsoring Rotary clubs
  • Support Rotary Nepal’s effort to enhance road safety

Key Results

  • At least 70% of Rotaract Clubs adopt a school and implement the T-E-A-C-H program
  • At least 70% of Rotaract Clubs conduct at least one road safety awareness program after attending the Training of Trainers organized by Rotary District in partnership with Road Safety Society

Goals for Rota-year 2018-19


Develop a logical framework of a training system to support the development of Rotaractors and strengthen Rotaract Club across the district. 

This goal supports the overall vision of strengthening the Rotaract Clubs. Rotaract District aims to form a trainers forum through a series of capacity development events (Training of Trainers). GOAL 1 will also support towards the achievement of other District Goals. The following activities will help achieve this goal. 

  • Rotaract District Committee will organize series of training/workshops to develop training manual and form trainers team.
  • Organize sessions for Presidents Secretaries Elects on Effective Planning Guide, Goal Setting, Roles & Responsibilities during PETS SETS.
  • District will develop a comprehensive training plan to be implemented throughout the year 
  • Zonal Club Officers Training Seminar (COTS) facilitated by the trainers team from the District will provide training and support at the club level. The content will be tailor made and implemented uniformly.  
  • The Trainers Group will continuously review and provide feedback to the overall training system.


Rotaract District will guide and facilitate Rotaract clubs to function systematically as a professional organization. In order to achieve this goal following support activities are rendered from the Rotaract District. 

  • Rotaract District aims 100% of clubs to apply for 2018/19 Rotary Presidential & Theme Citation. 
  • Clubs will complete the planning guide for effective club, conduct club assembly and create a plan of action for their respective clubs, guided by the trainings provided. 
  • District will encourage clubs to conduct at least 2 club assemblies in one Rotary Year
  • Clubs will contribute to the larger District Goals by sharing and adopting the skills and knowledge disseminated through different Rotaract events. 


The District will increase its membership by 10% by the end of June 30, 2019, and diversify the sphere of Rotaract members. The membership growth will be guided with a standard membership recruitment process. Following are some of the action items which will lead the district to achieve its goal 3.

  • Encourage clubs to submit membership goals after attending District Assembly.
  • Guide the clubs to develop a membership recruitment and retention plan prior to August 31.
  • Organize at least two membership seminar (one in District Assembly)
  • Provide clubs with Sample Membership Recruitment Plan (Club Service Chair)


Rotaract District 3292 will work closely with Rotary District 3292 and Rotary International to advocate for the focus on Rotaract clubs and the development of future Rotary leaders. Following are some of the actions which will help the District to achieve this goal.

  • Organize at least four project management seminars in collaboration/ support from Rotary District 3292.
  • Encouraging Rotaract Clubs to apply for Rotary International Service Project Awards.
  • Organize at least four meetings between District Rotaract Committee and Rotaract District Committee, and at least two joint Meetings with Rotary District.
  • Advocate with Rotary District for Rotary Clubs to partner with their Rotaract clubs for joint meetings and joint project implementation.


The District will focus on enhancing the public image of Rotary and Rotaract and will encourage Rotaract Clubs to do the same. Following are some of the action items which will help the District to achieve this goal.

  • Organize a District-wide social and membership event combined with a Youth Service Conference (Planned with Rotary)
  • Encourage clubs to organize local press meet before their events/projects. The District, as well as the Clubs, will use mass media to promote the public image of Rotary and Rotaract.
  • Encourage Rotaract Clubs to submit signature projects to be posted on Club or District website, District newsletters, and communicated to local media.
  • Utilize all options available to publicize Clubs projects including RI’s showcase,  District website, Club newsletters, DRR’s newsletter and other platforms.

Mission, Vision & Goals